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How Romans and Bourbon Elites lived in the Bay of Naples

The Bay of Naples is steeped in history, from Oscan tribes and Greek colonies from over 2750 years ago, to a gritty 21st century city under the shadow of Vesuvius. Scattered throughout time and throughout many locations in the bay area, and around Vesuvius, are so many sites and monuments that give testimony to this rich history. But among these are the remains of how the inhabitants cultivated open spaces for food and, just as importantly, for comfort and enjoyment just as Cicero would appreciate. This tour will seek out the gardens of the Oscans, Greeks and Romans in Pompeii and neighbouring sites at Oplontis and Boscoreale, now restored with examples of the same species identified by archaeologists from pollen and other plant remains. We will also visit the Amalfi coast, where the south facing aspect of the Sorrento peninsular allows the growing of rich tropical species in private gardens, and we will look at the larger, formal gardens of Royalty and nobility in Naples and Portici of the 18th and 19th centuries.

‘If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need’. - Cicero to his friend Varro, 46 BC

Tour highlights:

  • Visit Pompeii, including part of the recently excavated areas, newly restored houses and their gardens
  • Discover the Roman villa at Oplontis, with its internal gardens, by far the best of all Roman buildings in the Bay of Naples
  • Enjoy the breath-taking 18th century garden in the cloister of Santa Chiara in Naples
  • Explore the majestic Royal Palace and its famous park of Caserta
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