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The study of ancient human remains can reveal an astonishing amount about life as it was lived in the distant past. Using scientific and medical techniques, archaeologists are able to learn about individuals in incredible detail: age, sex, stature, health status and, occasionally, status and manner of death. From Ötzi the Iceman to Richard III - the science of osteology has been instrumental in adding to our knowledge of some of the greatest archaeological finds of recent years.

This day will introduce the techniques used in the study of archaeological human remains, through introductory lectures and extensive “hands-on” sessions with human remains. A rare opportunity to see a skeletal collection at Winchester Museum stores, led by Dr Katie Tucker from the University of Winchester. Learn basic skeletal anatomy, how to lay out a skeleton, how to determine age and sex and identify evidence of disease and trauma. Privileged encounters with the precious, unique and poignant human remains that have so much to teach us about the past.

Tour highlights:

  • Discover the scientific methods used to determine age, sex and stature and disease in skeletal remains and try them for yourself
  • Learn how bone analysis can enhance our understanding of archaeological sites and social history
  • Hands-on session in small group with an extensive skeletal collection

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Dr Katie Tucker

Andante Guide Lecturer

Dr Tucker is a Visiting Fellow in Osteoarchaeology at the University of Winchester, a Visiting Researcher at the German Archaeological Institute, Berlin, and a freelance osteologist and archaeologist.

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11 November 2023 AXOS231111 11 November 2023 (Saturday) Dr Katie Tucker £185
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