Petrie Museum shabtis (Photo by Lucia Gahlin)
Petrie Museum shabtis (Photo by Lucia Gahlin)

Flinders Petrie and the Discovery of Egypt - London

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The Petrie Museum contains one of the greatest collections of Egyptian and Sudanese archaeology in the world, housing more than 80,000 objects, and yet remarkably few people are even aware of its existence. The collection tells the story of the Nile Valley from prehistory to the rise of the pharaohs to the time of Alexander the Great and beyond.

The Museum’s extensive array of everyday objects provide unique insight into daily life in Ancient Egypt. Much of the material comes from excavations conducted by William Flinders Petrie, one of the fathers of Egyptology - making the story of the Museum very much the story of modern archaeology itself. The day is led by renowned Egyptologist Lucia Gahlin, and features a rare chance to handle Egyptian artefacts - a very special and unforgettable experience.

Tour highlights:

  • Tour of the galleries of one of the world’s most important collections of Egyptian antiquities
  • Exclusive special access ‘behind the scenes’ at the Petrie Museum
  • View and handle ancient Egyptian artefacts
  • Small group of just 12

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