A Wessex Walk - The Serpent, the Barber-Surgeon & the Marmalade Millionaire


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The great stone circle at Avebury inspired the 18th Century antiquarian William Stukeley, to pronounce: ‘It does as much exceed in greatness the so renowned Stonehenge as a Cathedral doeth a parish church’. In terms of size and present day setting we may still agree. This is a chance to walk among the great Neolithic monuments of Wessex - marvelling at the skill, ambition and sheer determination of the people who built them.

The lines of stones at Avebury, the massive long barrows and the imposing rise of Silbury Hill dominate our perceptions of the Neolithic landscapes of Wessex. Mark Corney will introduce the latest excavations and research projects which attempt to uncover more, not only about the monuments themselves but the landscape in which they reside.

Tour highlights:

  • Avebury’s vast Neolithic Stone Circle and Silbury Hill, the largest prehistoric mound in Europe
  • Led by an expert who has spent over 20 years studying and working to protect the unique archaeology of Wessex
  • Home-made packed lunch provided
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