It’s a big world out there and with so much to explore in every destination, where do you even start? Well, here at Andante Travels, we have crafted a range of culturally rich tours that include visits to iconic archaeological sites as well as introduce you to the authentic heart of your chosen location through encounters with local people, a chance to sample regional delicacies, opportunities to observe wildlife, and time to explore myriad off-the-beaten-track gems. 

Sunset over the Nicoya Penisula

Creating truly memorable moments are at the centre of these tour experiences.

Watch the sun rise over the Himalayas? Share a drink and conversation with a local citizen? Walk in the footsteps of kings, queens and dynasties before you? Sure.

All this and more await with our Cultural Journeys collection. What’s more, these tours are all led by local guides, meaning that you’ll be treated to insider insight every step of the way.

If you choose one of these tours, you’ll be fully immersed into an unfamiliar culture.

These aren’t adventures for the mere observer – they are designed to put you at the heart of your chosen destination authentically and responsibly, through cultural encounters, hands-on experiences and through visits to sites both legendary and lesser-known. Broaden your horizons and make memories that will last a lifetime on a Cultural Journey with Andante Travels.


  • Each tour includes an orientation of its villages, towns and cities. Why? Because getting a real sense of the place you’re visiting is so important and fully understanding your surroundings offers a window into local culture and the lifestyle of its people, and it can help place your chosen destination into a wider historical context.
  • During your Cultural Journeys encounter, we’ll take you to a selection of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Coming face-to-face with iconic landmarks that have been inscribed by UNESCO will be, for many of us, a real bucket-list experience. From the world-famous to the lesser-known, the sites we’ve included on our tours are bound to leave a lasting impression.
  • From the rainforest to the jungle, and from the desert to volcanic lava fields – we will explore a variety of habitats that are home to endemic animals. Most of our Cultural Journeys tours include some form of wildlife spotting and all of our animal encounters are safe, respectful and ethical.
  • The varied destinations our Cultural Journeys range visit enable us to offer a range of natural experiences. Hunt the elusive northern lights, soak in geothermal hot springs, admire rock formations in the sprawling desert, sail right up beside magnificent glaciers, and watch the sun appear over a legendary mountain range – the choice really is yours.
  • The flavours of a destination can tell as much of its story as its monuments and buildings, and no holiday is complete without a taste of what’s produced locally. Each of our itineraries include the chance to sample local food and drink, and some even feature cookery demonstrations or hands-on classes.
  • A chance to live like a local is something that should always be grabbed – and our Cultural Journeys range offers just this in the form of visits to local markets. Go a little off the tourist trail in search of stalls selling traditional goods or handicrafts, and witness frenetic exchanges between buyer and sellers at different types of markets around the world. Our local experts will know just where to take you!
  • Instead of just wandering around museums and at galleries, history and culture will be brought vividly to life through a variety of immersive visits. Along with a chance to observe, we will also offer you the chance to participate – watch traditions and rituals take place before your eyes in the most memorable of settings.
  • Travelling in the company of an expert doesn’t always have to mean a scholar or an academic. We consider our tour hosts to be absolute experts where their destinations are concerned, and you couldn’t be in better hands on your adventures.
  • Meeting local people in new places can be daunting, but our Cultural Journeys tours offer the chance to do just this, with a local expert at the helm to facilitate conversation. Learn about citizens’ lives, culture and traditions through personal encounters. In Greenland, enjoy cake and coffee with a local family. In Nepal, visit a village school and coffee farm to meet with students as well as staff. And, in Costa Rica, chat with an ancestor of one of the first settlers in Tortuguero.

What to expect

Cable car up to Sugarloaf mountain


Part of what makes a holiday an adventure is the methods of transport you take. Cultural Journeys tours aren’t just plane and coach, they open up your destination from the ground to the sky by ensuring that you explore the landscape in a variety of ways. Cruise out to Greenland’s Eqi glacier by boat, take a cable car down the side of Sugar Loaf Mountain in Brazil, or enjoy a sunset safari through Jordan’s lunar-like Wadi Rum desert in a fleet of 4x4s. You can’t always go off-the-beaten-track (or experience anything too authentic!) in an air-conditioned coach – and these tours embrace the spirit of adventure through transport.

Holi celebration

Festivals and Events

If you’re in one of our Cultural Journeys destinations and there’s a festival or event taking place, we won’t let you miss out! On the March 2021 departure of our India tour, you’ll get to experience the colourful Holi festival. Join our February 2021 tour to Brazil and you’ll party at the world-famous Rio Carnival. Take a look at the individual departures to see if your ideal dates coincide with any festivals.