Ogrodzieniec Castle
Ogrodzieniec Castle

Sarah Robertson

What first sparked your passion for travel?

Having been lucky enough to travel to many far-flung places as a child, it was always on the cards it would become a lifelong passion. I started tour guiding whilst studying for my MA and it set alight my passion for art, architecture and archaeology. Tour guiding and managing are also the perfect antidotes after sitting at home all day writing as when not travelling, I work as a literary translator.

How many languages do you speak?

I am fluent in French and speak German proficiently.

What is the most memorable thing to happen to you on a tour?

I love Provence and the South West of France and I never tire of going back, so any trip in that region is always a pleasure, particularly Roman Provence.

What is your favourite tour?

Just sitting in the sun, drinking Rosé and talking art with an interesting and ever-curious crowd of people. I have to do it regularly and that’s what I always remember.

How many tours have you managed for Andante?

Since starting in 2018, I have notched up 10 tours to date with Andante and hope to do many more. There’s no better job in the world that going to see fascinating sites and hearing about them, and making sure people have the best trip ever.