Guto Rhys

A specialist in 'The Pictish Language', Guto is the author of the Ulpan Gaelic language course and works with historical linguistics.

Guto holds degrees in Welsh, medieval Scottish history and he has a PhD on ‘The Pictish Language’. He works primarily with historical linguistics (Celtic), Early medieval insular and Brittonic history and Welsh dialectology. He is also the author of the hugely successful Ulpan Gaelic language course. He has lived in Wales, Madrid, Glasgow, Rennes, rural Brittany and currently resides in Brussels.

He is passionate about archaeology, architecture, history, sociology, Welsh mythology and legends, and languages, and he speaks Welsh, Breton, French and Spanish fluently. He also has good degrees of command over Scottish Gaelic, Cornish, Italian, Catalan, Old English and Latin. He has published widely on Celtic languages and cultures.