Osteoarchaeology - Foot
Osteoarchaeology - Foot
Dr Katie Tucker

Dr Tucker is a Visiting Fellow in Osteoarchaeology at the University of Winchester, a Visiting Researcher at the German Archaeological Institute, Berlin, and a freelance osteologist and archaeologist.

She received her BA in Archaeology from the University of Bristol in 2001. Following her degree, she spent a year working as a field archaeologist for companies in Bristol and Gloucestershire before receiving a NERC (Natural Environment Research Council) studentship to undertake her MSc in Human Osteology and Palaeopathology at the University of Bradford. After completing her studies, she worked as a field archaeologist and human osteologist, most prominently for the York Archaeological Trust. She undertook her PhD on The Archaeology and Osteology of Human Decapitation at the University of Winchester between 2009 and 2012. She is currently working on projects in the UK, Germany, Romania, Ethiopia, Turkey and Jordan.

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