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Douglas Lighthouse
Dr Andrew Foxon

Andrew Foxon has a strong background in archaeology, prehistoric technology and interpretation.

He also has numerous years of experience under his belt in the interpretation and museum sectors in Orkney, Glasgow, Hull, Edinburgh, and on the Isle of Man. Andrew worked as the Head of Professional Services for Manx National Heritage, which is the Isle of Man's culture and national heritage agency. 

What first sparked your passion for archaeology?

When I was a child growing up in Scotland, I was fascinated by the Roman Antonine Wall which ran to the south of where we lived and by Skara Brae in Orkney. Later I was able to include Archaeology as part of my degree at Glasgow University and be involved in excavating at both of those sites and many others. Childhood interest grew into adult passion and a career!

What does archaeology mean to you?

It’s an approach to the relationship between people and their environment. When I look at a landscape I try to get a sense of the depth of time for which there is evidence and the different people and ways of living we see represented there.

What is your favourite archaeological site?

That’s a difficult one…… as someone with strong prehistoric interests I’m torn between ancient burial, settlement and ceremonial sites. If I had to choose just one it would have to be Skara Brae. You get real sense of village life there and the preservation is astonishing. With other sites being explored in Westray and at the Ness of Brodgar you get a real sense of how rich life was.

How many tours have you led for Andante?

I have led one tour with Andante on behalf of the Council for British Archaeology exploring the isle of Man.

Have you written any books or featured in any TV programs?

Most recent is Radio: an episode of Clare Balding's 'Ramblings' when I was here guide on the Isle of Man.

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