Creswell Crags
Creswell Crags

When you choose an Andante Travels tour, you're choosing to journey to the ancient world not only in like-minded company, but as part of a small group. Because many of our tours visit remote or off-the-beaten-track sites and due to the nature of having an expert guide lead our tours, we feel they work best when group numbers are limited. This way, you'll have the best access to your guide and will get the most out of the experience.

The average group size on a tour is 15 and the maximum in the group will be 25.

The exceptions to this are:

Rock Art Tours – the maximum group size is 16-20 (more details below)

Study Days – some Study Days are maximum 12 in a group and our Henry VIII - Hampton Court can exceed 25 on some dates

Rock Art Tours - exclusive smaller-group travel experiences

The visual impact of rock art made thousands of years ago creates the kind of spine-tingling shiver you can only get from standing where history was made. The artistic skill and sophistication of our ancient forebears is a must-see for anyone interested in the ancient world.

To ensure the most enjoyable and enriching experience, all Andante groups are small but our rock art tours are smaller. These particular itineraries are limited to just 18-20 guests, aside from Prehistoric Rock Art & Landscapes, which accommodates 16 guests.

The purpose of keeping these tours smaller in their group size means that your visits to the ancient caves and rock art sites will not disrupt the landscape and will help maintain their integrity, and it will also maximise your face time with the expert Guide Lecturer leading the way.

Touring as part of a smaller group is an enriching experience and another benefit is getting to know your fellow travellers faster. The downside, however, is that places on these tours tend to sell out quicker as there are less of them.

Our rock and cave art tours include Dordogne Cave Art, Pyrenees Rock Art, Prehistoric Rock Art & Landscapes, Rock Art of Altamira, Namibia - Rock Art & the Natural World and, of course, our best-selling Chile & Easter Island itinerary.

Expert guides on these tours range from Dr Paul Bahn and Dr Tertia Barnett to John Kinahan and Dr Rob Dinnis, so you will be travelling in esteemed company on whichever tour you choose.