12 May 2022

Excellent trip, Sicily is a fantastic place to visit and the tour does a great job of explaining the background and history of the various people and cultures which have left their mark on the island over the centuries.

12 May 2022

We enjoyed the company of our fellow guests, our guide and tour manager. All the hotels were good. The sites and museums were well chosen. Driver never let us down and drove responsibly

10 May 2022

Really enjoyable. I liked being away with people who were interested in the same things as me

7 May 2022

Very good. The lecturer was very knowledgeable and very open to answering questions, even basic ones. Reading Museum was well organised and the caterers were excellent although there wasn’t a great vegetarian choice. Kayley (hope I’ve spelled that properly) was also very organised and helpful.

7 May 2022

Excellent. Dr Fear was a very good lecturer and explained the tapestry panel by panel. Having the tapestry gallery closed for us was very helpful. Although little to do with the tapestry, the walk around the ruined abbey provided a good contrast (and a breath of fresh air). The buffet was very good.

7 May 2022

Thoroughly enjoyed the day. The lecture was informative without being too academic, though we did have a bit of a Latin lesson which was fun. The trip round the abbey was pleasant, we were lucky with the weather and the buffet lunch was enormous.

3 May 2022

Combination of insightful talks and behind the scenes tour and demonstrations of the repair and restoration facilities made for a deeply insightful and interesting day

29 June 2022

We saw the notorious Passion Play and it didn’t disappoint. We had excellent seats. That was the main objective of our journey.

27 June 2022

Very organized, everything ran smoothly. Rita was outstanding, the best! She addressed any issue that arose, including getting substitute speakers when our tour guide became sick at the last minute. These substitutes were the actual leaders of the digs we visited.