Keeping You Safe

It's natural to prioritise your health and safety on tour – more so than ever before. This is our top priority too, but we want to do more than just tell you this. We’ll prove it with a number of key actions designed to keep you safe and well.

For any questions you may have around travelling with us in 2022, we have a selection of dedicated FAQs that should provide answers.

Whilst the risk of contracting COVID on your travels can never be completely eliminated, the risk of transmitting the virus can be significantly reduced. All of our hotels and cruise ships are audited for Health & Safety by an independent specialist which include improved hygiene protocols. Where there is opportunity for social distancing on our tours, these measures will continue in 2022 in whichever destinations COVID remains a factor. 

Distanced seating on coaches

The average group size for an Andante tour is 17-18 guests, and the overwhelming majority do not exceed 25 guests. Where possible and in destinations where COVID is a consideration, we will be securing a 52-seater coach, so everyone has the option of two seats to themselves.

This preserves an element of distancing across the coach but, as the distance to the guests in front and behind may be as little as one metre, we recommend that you wear a face mask throughout coach journeys.

COVID protocols at our hotels, and aboard our cruise ships

We are working with every single one of our hotel and cruise suppliers to ensure minimal COVID transmission risks. We expect the very highest standards of food hygiene, such as gloved and masked staff, lower floor rooms to minimise lift usage, larger lecture spaces to allow for a measure of social distancing and so on.

See below for further details.

‘Get me home’ service and private airport transfers

In the unlikely event that you are denied entry to your destination, or you are forced to curtail your holiday as a result of COVID symptoms, you may wish to avoid public transport on your journey home. We can arrange a private transfer service to take you to your front door. This private home transfer service is also available to book if you simply wish to ensure social distancing on your way to and from the airport. There will be an additional cost for this service, but our option is competitively priced.

Enhanced Health and Safety audits

We have always, in partnership with two globally renowned organisations, applied rigorous health and safety checks to our hotels, airlines, cruise ships, coaches, excursion transport and any other significant aspect of an Andante Travels tour.

Now though, we are going even further, by requiring that these services pass COVID hygiene and cleanliness tests as part of our health and safety protocols.

COVID protocols at our hotels, and aboard our cruise ships


  • Pre-cruise and daily medical screening for guests (twice-daily for crew)
  • Mandatory hand sanitising on embarkation/disembarkation and at the restaurant
  • Half-capacity, daily-sanitised coaches for excursions, and site visits out of ‘rush hour’
  • Daily UV sterilisation of public areas, hospital-grade disinfectant use in guest room cleaning and twice-daily sterilised wipe-down of guest rooms and corridors
  • Hourly sterilisation of ‘high touch’ areas including buttons, handrails etc
  • Lounge and bar sterilisation before, during and after service
  • More distanced restaurant seating and no self-service food – staff with masks and gloves bring all food and beverages (disposable cutlery available on request)


  • Daily screening for crew, and enhanced medical training procedures
  • Social distancing introduced onboard and all furniture placed a minimum of 1.5 metres apart
  • Twice daily cleaning of public areas and cleaning of tables and chairs after every use; multiple daily disinfection of ‘high touch’ areas
  • Hand sanitisers at all entrances and exits
  • No self-service food – staff with masks and gloves bring all food and beverages – and food to be served in the saloon and outside deck for greater distancing

I am most impressed with your faithfulness of many years and I’m full of admiration for your extensive thoughtfulness, wide-ranging expertise, thorough organisation, unsurpassed planning, clear foresight and positive vision.