Located in the heart of the glorious Mediterranean Sea, the small island of Malta is home to a vast array of riches, from Neolithic sites to sites of historic significance. Its capital, Valletta, was crowned the 2018 European Capital of Culture and a visit there makes it easy to see why. In this city, encounter fantastic museums, grand churches and even palaces. This fortress city was started in 1566 and took only 15 years to complete, featuring a cathedral, bastions and more. Elsewhere on the island, there is much to discover. From a 5000-year-old subterranean necropolis to prehistoric temple sites, Malta is an archaeology lover’s paradise. Architecturally, it is just as impressive, with limestone widely being the material of choice. Being surrounded by gorgeous waters also helps elevate this island to bucket-list holiday destination. Why not take a dip in the sea or take a boat out to the Blue Grotto?

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