Douglas Lighthouse
Douglas Lighthouse

The Isle of Man is situated in the Irish Sea between England and Ireland. It is a self-governing British Crown dependency which is renowned for its medieval castles, staggering coastline and rural landscapes. The capital, Douglas, is famous for the Manx Museum which explores the island’s Viking and Celtic heritage. The Isle of Man is also famous for its annual TT race which features cross-country motorcycles racing around the island.

The Isle of Man was awarded status as a UNESCO World Biosphere Region in 2016. It is unique in the fact that is is the only island in the world where its entire jurisdiction has been awarded this prestigious title. This status recognises the the existence of the island’s population alongside a diverse natural habitat.

The Isle of Man prides itself on this award and is committed to the conservation of not only nature and wildlife, but also their culture, heritage and communities. This makes it a beautiful destination to visit.

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