Ancient City, Tunisia
Ancient City, Tunisia

Tunisia is a North African country with borders along the Mediterranean Sea and Sahara Desert. In the capital Tunis, the Bardo Museum has archaeological exhibits including Roman mosaics and Islamic art. Tunis' medina quarter includes the massive Al-Zaytuna Mosque and a bustling souk. To the east, the site of ancient Carthage encompasses the Antonine Baths and other ruins, plus artefacts at the Carthage National Museum.

Tunisia’s Mediterranean Sea coastline and strategic location have drawn conquerors and visitors over the ages. Its easy access to the Sahara has brought its people into contact with the inhabitants of the African interior.

Tunisia’s culture is highly diverse, on some level due to long periods of Ottoman and then French rule but also because populations of Jews and Christians for centuries have lived among a Muslim majority. Tunis, marries ancient Arab souks and mosques and modern-style office buildings into one of the most handsome and lively cities in the region. 

From bustling cities, vibrant beach resorts, grand ancient ruins to the vast rolling dunes of the Sahara Desert Tunisia encapsulates everything that is enticing about North Africa.

Tunisian National Tourism Board (O.N.T.T.)

Video supplied by The Tunisian National Tourism Board (O.N.T.T.)

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